No. Date Title Location Link
1. 6 th   March 2023 Road at Batu Tujuh in Ulu Baram cut off by landslide. Miri , Sarawak
2. 17 th    February 2023 Landslide hit longhouse residents asked to move Sibu , Sarawak
3. 9 th   February 2023 Julau longhouse toilets damaged by small landslide Sarikei , Sarawak
4. 7 th  February 2023 Be ready to mobilise heavy machinery to locations at risk of landslides , Miri Residnet tells JKR Miri , Sarawak
5. 2 nd  February 2023  Landslide occurs behind longhouse in Sarikei. Sarikei , Sarawak
6. 1 st February 2023 MPP chief : 13 samples from dogs caught in MPP areas in 2022 confirmed rabies- positive Kuching , Sarawak
7.  7 th  December 2022 Senior citizen succumbs to rabies in Sibu Kuching , Sarawak
8.  7 th  December 2022 Sarawak reports 14 rabies cases among humans as of Dec6 11 victims dead . Kuching , Sarawak
9. 23 th  November 2022 Rabies: Sarawak state assembly passes bill to delegate power of DVS Kuching , Sarawak
10. 28 th  September 2022 Eight deaths due to rabies reported in Sarawak this year Kuching , Sarawak
11. 27 th  September 2022 Sarawak on track to become rabies free state by 2025 , says Dr Rundi Kuching, Sarawak
12. 27 th  September 2022 46 died from rabies in Sarawak since 2017 Kuching , Sarawak
13. 26 th  September 2022 S’wak sets up enforcement team to curb spread of rabies Kuching , Sarawak


14. 24 th  September 2022 Rabies in Borneo Conference 2022 to take place in Kuching from Sept 27-28 Kuching , Sarawak


15. 20th May 2022 20 areas in Sarawak record rabies cases so far in 2022 Kuching , Sarawak


16. 20th May 2022 13 human rabies fatalities recorded in past 17 months in Sibu Division Sibu, Sarawak
17. 14th May 2022 Mass rabies vaccination, licensing and microchipping for dogs in Padawan on May 21 Kuching, Sarawak
18. 07th May 2022 SDMC: Seek immediate medical attention if exposed to rabies Kuching, Sarawak
19. 03th April 2022 Over 300 dogs vaccinated against rabies in Kuching, Serian Kuching, Sarawak
20. 02th April 2022 DVS Sarawak to run six more anti-rabies programmes for remainder of 2022 Kuching, Sarawak
21. 22th March 2022 Only 3 out of 45 rabies victims since 2017 survived, says Dr Rundi Kuching, Sarawak
22. 20th February 2022 Authorities say dog who attacked folks at ferry point may have rabies Sibu, Sarawak
23. 2nd January 2022 Rabies: DVS Sarawak plans to vaccinate 50,000 dogs this year, says director Sibu, Sarawak
24. 3rd October 2021 Onus on owners to keep dog clean, safe Kuching, Sarawak
25. 3rd October 2021 Rabies is fatal but 100% preventable Kuching, Sarawak
26. 2nd October 2021 Sarawak govt allocates RM7 mln to combat rabies Kuching, Sarawak
27. 22nd September 2021 City council’s stray dog removal programme still active as rabies still a threat Kuching, Sarawak
28. 22nd September 2021 Miri council continues anti-rabies operations Miri, Sarawak
29. 14th July 2021 Miri village declared rabies infected area Kuching,

30. 10th June 2021 Man who got bitten by two different dogs in two different occasions is Sarawak’s latest rabies death Kuching,

31. 24th May 2021 45-year-old woman in Selangau latest rabies fatality in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
32. 20th May 2021 Miri council says wonder dog Xiao Bai’s death preventable, owner notified earlier of anti-rabies ops Miri, Sarawak
33. 25th December 2020 Dog vaccination campaign in Selangau ends, dog removal ongoing — DVSS Sibu, Sarawak
34. 22nd December 2020 53-year-old woman from Sibu becomes latest rabies fatality as death toll in S’wak climbs to 29 Kuching, Sarawak
35. 16th December 2020 DVSS: 139 canines at SSPCA get anti rabies vaccination Kuching, Sarawak
36. 04th December 2020 Vaccinate dogs in S’wak to curb rabies: Ex-deputy minister Kuching, Sarawak
37. 03rd December 2020 Two new rabies cases, one fatal, in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
38. 03rd December 2020 Rabies death toll in Sarawak climbs to 28 after 58-year-old man succumbs to virus Kuching, Sarawak
39. 01st December 2020 Vaccinate dogs in Sarawak to curb rabies, says ex-deputy health minister Kuching, Sarawak
40. 01st December 2020 All dog, cat bite cases are managed according WHO guidelines, says DVSS Sibu, Sarawak
41. 01st December 2020 DVSS: Kampung Limpaki in Limbang Division, Kampung Belawai in Mukah Division latest to be declared rabies-infected Sibu, Sarawak
42. 29th November 2020 Rabies cases in Sibu at alarming level, says assistant minister Sibu, Sarawak
43. 29th November 2020 Rabies situation in Sibu worrying, says Dr Annuar Sibu, Sarawak
44. 29th November 2020 364 individuals evacuated to evacuation centres due to flash floods in Bintulu Bintulu, Sarawak
45. 21st November 2020 16-year-old girl latest rabies fatality in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
46. 13th November 2020 Anti-rabies vaccination programme for dogs to be held in Sibu Sibu, Sarawak
47. 11th November 2020 Man dies from rabies in Sarawak – Health DG Sarawak
48. 17th October 2020 Public cooperation vital to eliminate rabies state wide -Unggah Kuching, Sarawak
49. 9th September 2020 Another death due to rabies in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
50. 9th September 2020 51-year-old man from Jalan Penrissen becomes 24th rabies victim in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
51. 22nd August 2020 MPP conducts anti-rabies operation on stray dogs Kuching, Sarawak
52. 25th July 2020 Two-in-one campaign to help SRDC residents fightCovid-19, rabies Sibu, Sarawak
53. 20th July 2020 Poor turnout for anti-rabies vaccination drive Sibu, Sarawak
54. 19th July 2020 Poor response to anti-rabies jab, tag registration Sibu, Sarawak
55. 11th July 2020 Schedule of anti-rabies vaccinations Sibu, Sarawak
56. 06th July 2020 Rare outbreak of rabies in Sarawak could have originated from Indonesia’s Kalimantan, says Malaysia health minister Kuching, Sarawak
57. 04th July 2020 Free anti-rabies vaccination for dogs in Kapit on-going, next session on Monday Kapit, Sarawak
58. 03rd July 2020 MPKS launches anti-rabies campaign Kota Samarahan, Sarawak
59. 30th June 2020 Ting: SMC hiring private contractor to catch stray dogs to curb rabies spread Sibu, Sarawak
60. 29th June 2020 SRDC sets up anti-rabies operation task force to curb disease spread – chairman Sibu, Sarawak
61. 14th June 2020 SRDC to intensify operations to remove free roaming dogs in rabies-infected areas Sibu, Sarawak
62. 05th March 2020 Sarawak still hopes to be rabies-free by 2025 – Dr Sim Kuching, Sarawak
63. 08th April 2020 Anti-rabies exercise still on, pet owners reminded to keep animals within house compounds Kuching, Sarawak
64. 02nd April 2020 Council acts to curb spread of rabies Sibu, Sarawak
65. 30th March 2020 Five-year-old girl latest rabies fatality in Sarawak, death toll at 23 Sibu, Sarawak
66. 30th March 2020 Sarawak reports 1st rabies death of 2020 Sibu, Sarawak
67. 19th March 2020 Mass rabies vaccination on hold but DVS operations room still on standby Kuching, Sarawak
68. 04th March 2020 Local authorities equipped with animal control vehicles to battle ongoing rabies epidemic Kuching, Sarawak
69. 17th February 2020 Rabies: Sarawak will replace injection with bait method, says deputy CM Kuching, Sarawak
70. 14th February 2020 Baits laced with rabies vaccine for stray dogs Kuching, Sarawak
71. 14th February 2020 Veterinary Dept to use bait laced with anti-rabies vaccine to lure stray dogs in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
72. 05th February 2020 Dogs owners cooperation requested in neutering pets to prevent spread of rabies Kuching, Sarawak
73. 26th January 2020 Sarawak SPCA, to open clinic to neuter dogs, cats to curb rabies Kuching, Sarawak
74. 25th December 2019 Haze, rabies outbreaks in Sarawak raise safety and health concerns Kuching, Sarawak
75. 30th November 2019 DVS: 70 pct of dogs in the state vaccinated against rabies Kuching, Sarawak
76. 17th November 2019 Rabies: 140,103 dogs in Sarawak vaccinated, says Veterinary DG Sarawak
77. 11th November 2019 35,370 animal bite cases reported in Sarawak since 2017, dengue cases on the rise Sarawak
78. 08th November 2019 Five-year-old dies of rabies in Sarawak Sarawak
79. 08th November 2019 Malaysia: Additional rabies death reported in Sarawak Sarawak
80. 26th October 2019 150,000 pet dogs given free anti-rabies vaccination in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
81. 09th October 2019 Malaysia: Rabies situation in Sarawak Sarawak
82. 10th August 2019 Man bitten by pet puppy dies of rabies in Sarawak Kota Pedawan, Sarawak
83. 13th July 2019 Uggah: Six new areas in Sarawak declared as rabies infected Kuching, Sarawak
84. 13th June 2019 Health Ministry urged to investigate latest rabies death in Sarawak Kampong Lebor, Serian, Sarawak
85. 13th June 2019 Rabies claims 18th life in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
86. 01st June 2019 Young man in Sarawak’s capital dies from rabies, the 17th death since outbreak last year Sarawak
87. 30th May 2019 Man scratched by dogs could be latest rabies victim in Sarawak Sarawak
88. 25th January 2019 Sarawak declares rabies as level 2 disaster as cases increase Kuching, Sarawak