No. Date Title Location Link
1. 13th November 2021 Road caves in after landslide Kapit, Sarawak
2. 12th November 2021 Section of Ulu Melipis road collapses Kapit, Sarawak
3. 10th November 2021 Temporary access built at KM12 Lapok-Ulu Baram road following road collapse Miri, Sarawak
4. 9th November 2021 Landslide near Tubai Buah-Pakan junction makes road impassable Pakan, Sarawak
5. 3rd September 2021 Storage huts in front of longhouse Kapit, Sarawak
6. 2nd September 2021 Landslide forces longhouse residents to evacuate Kapit, Sarawak
7. 17th September 2021 Landslide causes power outage Kuching, Sarawak
8. 8th March 2021 Residents urged to be cautious following landslide at RH Lempaong spak, Batang Betong, Sarawak
9. 10th February 2021 JKR: Repair of village road middle of this year Serian, Sarawak
10. 08th February 2021 Road access to Kg Mawang Tahup expected to be restored by today Kuching, Sarawak
11. 08th February 2021 Manyin hopes road diversion near Kpg Mawang tahup ready by today Serian, Sarawak
12. 08th February 2021 Landslide cuts off road to Kampung Mawang Tahup Serian, Sarawak
13. 02nd February 2021 Massive landslide cuts off Ng Mujong from Kapit Town Kuching, Sarawak
14. 31st January 2021 ‘Take note of slope erosion along Miri-Marudi road’ Miri, Sarawak
15. 21st January 2021  

37 landslides in Sarawak

Kuching, Sarawak
16. 19th January 2021 Widow recalls close shave after landslides hit 39 locations in Mambong during downpour Kuching, Sarawak
17. 16th January 2021 SEB: Landslides caused by rainy weather reason for power disruption in Bau-Lundu Kuching, Sarawak
18. 21st December 2020 Paperwork prepared to mitigate longhouse’s landslide woes Kuching, Sarawak
19. 20th December 2020 5 areas in Mulu flooded, landslides in Tinjar Miri, Sarawak
20. 17th December 2020 Landslides hits 48 longhouse residents in Lubok Antu, no injuries Kuching, Sarawak
21. 28th November 2020 Landslide hits back portion of Rh Jarau longhouse in Bintulu Sibu, Sarawak
22. 15th October 2020 Landslides not deemed an immediate threat to Rh Uju Senyawan Krian Kuching, Sarawak
23. 14th October 2020 Landslides leaves 120 residents of Rh Nga Ulai stranded Betong, Sarawak
24. 27th August 2020 Nibong Tada residents cut off due to landslide Kanowit, Sarawak
25. 14th July 2020 Welder buried under landslide along Jalan Nyabau Kuching, Sarawak
26. 10th July 2020 Landslide cuts off route to longhouse Kapit, Sarawak
27. 2nd July 2020 Puncak Borneo MP wants studies on Annah Rais hot springs, landslide prone areas Kuching, Sarawak
28. 14th June 2020 Landslide closes off road to longhouse Betong, Sarawak
29. 04th June 2020 Longhouse in danger of falling into river Miri, Sarawak
30. 01st June 2020 No injuries reported following landslide near Rh Unsa Skandis Kuching, Sarawak
31. 29th May 2020 JKR asked to devise landslide prevention measures for longhouse Kapit, Sarawak
32. 29th April 2020 Communities Cut Off After Floods and Landslides in Sarawak Miri, Sarawak
33. 28th April 2020 Landslide, floods in parts of Sarawak add to residents’ woes Miri, Sarawak
34. 23rd March 2020 Longhouses damaged due to hillslope erosion Miri, Sarawak
35. 06th March 2020 Landslide cuts off roads at Betong Betong, Sarawak
36. 11th January 2020 Floods hit Kuching and Sebuyau, landslide reported in Song district Miri, Sarawak
37. 01st January 2020 Sarawak, Malaysia experiences fourth landslide in 48 hours Miri, Sarawak
38. 31st December 2019 Three major landslides cut off roads in Sarawak Miri, Sarawak
39. 31st December 2019 Sarawak hit by three major landslides following incessant rain Miri, Sarawak
40. 03rd March 2019 Unifi and TM fixed-line subscribers in Sarawak hit by landslide, construction works Kuching, Sarawak
41. 25th January 2019 Landslide causes extensive damage to TM’s network in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
42. 03rd December 2018 Sibu-Bintulu road cut off by a landslide Sibu, Sarawak