Presentation Of MOBILISE System, Smart City MOBILISE Digital Platform & Disaster Early Warning System (MOBISENSE)


19th January 2024




AP Sr. Dr. Noralfishah Sulaiman , Sir Shamsul Izhan Abdul Majid, Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission teams


AP Sr. Dr. Noralfishah Sulaiman received an invitation to present both International Research Project, MOBILISE & TRANSCEND to Sir. Shamsul Izhan Abdul Majid, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Technology & Innovation Sector, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

There are a lot of topics that have been discussed in the meeting such as strategies and initiatives across regulated industries of telecommunication, broadcasting, postal courier, GIS application for Smart and Resilient Cities, Digital Disaster Risk Reduction (DDRR), Early Warning System (EWS) in Malaysia.