Workshop Flood Data Modelling & Workshop TRANSCEND Sarawak 2023

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 14th May 2023


Microsoft Teams


AP Sr. Dr. Noralfishah Sulaiman scheduled a meeting with AP Sr. Ts. Dr. Mustaffa Bin Anjang Ahmad, AP Dr. Shafie bin Mohamed Zabri   Mdm. Haidaliza Binti Masram, AP Ts. Dr. Yee Mei Heong, Ms. Siti Kursiah Kamalia Abdul Latib, Mdm. Nurhafizah Mashod, Nur Ainun Asyura, Aida Afrina, Rifqah Adawiyah, Muhammed Isma Raffie, Muhammad Haziq Imran & Agileswaran.


Agenda of Workshop Flood Data Modelling:

  • Welcome speech
  • Introduction and discussion for conducting Workshop TRANSCEND 2023 and progress on MOBILISE system
  • Identify data for Flood Modelling for Workshop TRANSCEND 2023
  • Suggestions on additional data into MOBILSE system
  • Next action on collecting data in MOBILISE system with Local Authority
  • Any other business (AOB) and dismissed

Agenda of Workshop TRANSCEND Sarawak 2023:

  • Welcome speech
  • Discussion on conducting TRANSCEND Workshop 2023 Sarawak & instruments preparation
  • Discussion on checklist of committee members & scheduling date for TRANSCEND Sarawak Workshop 2023
  • Any other business (AOB) and dismissed

The outcome is to achieve the objective to help multi agency in facing disaster and conduct a workshop in Sarawak with Local Agencies and community engagement.