Discussion with Alex SMA

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16th June 2022

Online Microsoft Teams


Alexander Chu from Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA), Assoc. Prof. Sr. Dr. Noralfishah Sulaiman, Umber Nazir, Siti Kursiah Kamalia Abdul Latib from KANZU Research: Resilient Built Environment, UTHM.


Dr Nora discussed about the TRANSCEND Sarawak 2022 launch with Alex. Alex asked for few documents to overview before he can arrange the meeting with Dr Zaidi Razak. Dr Nora also informed Alex about the technical visit in Sarawak from 22th until 25th of June.

During that visit Alex arranged one meeting with Local Authorities, Police and Bomba at SMA.

Alex mentioned to Dr Nora that after the YAB Premier’s confirmation of the dates he will update us accordingly.