Meeting and Discussion on TRANSCEND Launch @ TDV

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23th March 2022

Online Microsoft Teams


Manzoor Khan, Hamzah Hamizan, Afida Zaidi, Steffany Raymond, Giachery Tipik, Shakinah Asniza, Jacob Jim from TEGAS Team, Dr. Noralfishah Sulaiman, Amber Nazir, Iman Nurhakim from KANZU Research: Resilient Built Environment, UTHM, Malaysian Team.


7 members and representatives from Tabung Ekonomi Gagasan Anak Sarawak Digital Village (TEGAS Digital Village) were attended the meeting with KANZU Research for the discussion of TRANSCEND Launch @ TDV, which sparked questions and discussion afterwards, Dr Nora proposed the launch to be in TDV and will come out with an official letter and proposal of launcing and workshop venue. Lauching will be held in the morning at Auditorium while workshop will be in the evening at Training room (TBC).

As for the dates, Dr. Nora and the team is flexible to consider organizing it in conjunction with IDECS 2022 as well as Sarawak’s digital month. There were a few things that have been discussed in the meeting:

  • To consider launching TRANSCEND Sarawak as a fringe to IDECS 2022, under the theme of Decoding Smart Data for Sarawak Environmental and Energy Sustainability
  • To identify and align the deliverables for the launch for both parties