Meeting with Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) for Collaboration with Sarawak Universities in TRANSCEND Research Project

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29th July 2020

Online Zoom Meeting

Sr. Dr. Noralfishah Sulaiman, Siti Kursiah Kamalia Abdul Latib and Umber Nazir from KANZU Research, Dr. Khairul Hafiz Sharkawi, Chaw Tze Wee and Nur Hartini Binti Mardan from Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA).

Dr. Nora and MOBILISE & TRANSCEND Team attended the meeting with SMA. There were few things that have been discussed in the meeting:

  1. Status of TRANSCEND Project progress in Sarawak.
  2. Status of data collection in Sarawak disaster management agencies.
  3. Steps to follow for further data collection meeting online.
  4. Collaboration with Sarawak Universities in TRANSCEND Research Project.
  5. Benefits of this collaboration.
  6. SMA will provide some researches from different universities in Sarawak and Dr. Nora will confirm on who will be joining in TRANSCEND.

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